APOP Media strategically places brands in front of a receptive audience on our network of dispensary retail partners. Our exclusive ad portal showcases brands & their products. The network features a combination of cannabis driven entertainment, brand advertisements & educational content.


Target Market

Of the 2 Million impressions that APOP Media receives each month, 100% of your audience is your target market. The potential for growth is proportional to the number of interactions you have with your audience. Build brand credibility and visibility to new/regular consumers and dispensaries.

Reach Consumers Directly

APOP Media delivers engaging experiences that delight and impress customers with educational and entertaining content. We help brands with their wide range of marketing materials to create a seamless customer experience

At Point Of Purchase

APOP Media reaches your target market at the most pivotal point in the purchasing decision, in the best place to promote your brand.  Strategic placement in the dispensary will provide insight and confidence to consumers prior to their purchasing decision.